Mobile County District Attorney's Office

District Attorney’s Office

Prosecuting criminals today and working to prevent future crime in our community’s future.

Our top priority is the prosecution of violent crime. This is critical to the safety of our citizens and the bright future of our neighborhoods and communities. Intertwined with this mission is working to prevent future crime, and deploying our best resources to help non-violent offenders become productive citizens. We support programs that help non-violent criminals who struggle with addiction. This benefits not only those persons and their immediate communities, but also removes a significant burden from our legal system. 

It’s important that we also consider the unique issues affecting veterans who have committed non-violent crimes. We have resources in place to help keep them out of our legal system. Help for non-violent criminals with mental illness is also on the horizon.

We're located at Mobile Government Plaza:​

Office hours:

Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm


P.O. Box 2841
Mobile, AL 36652


Phone: (251) 574-8400
Fax: (251) 574-4848