Mobile County District Attorney's Office

Victim Services

We are here to assist crime victims

If you are the victim of a crime, or you are being abused in a domestic violence, sexual abuse or other situation, please contact us at (251) 574-8400.

The Victim Assistance Unit of the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office offers a variety of services to aid victims of crime. It is designed to help victims, their families, and witnesses get through the difficult times associated with the criminal activity, especially the criminal justice process.

This Unit is here to help victims find their way through the court process, understand their legal rights, provide assistance and support necessary to speed their recovery from the criminal act and make referrals to outside service providers.

Crimes of every type, both violent and non-violent, are committed every day, and millions of innocent people are forced to deal with unwanted changes in their lives. The results of these criminal acts can range from emotional injury to death. The Victim Assistance Unit is dedicated to providing services useful and necessary to aid victims throughout the criminal justice process.

Services include:

  • Court Orientation
  • Helping victims understand their rights
  • Referrals (Counseling, Social Services, etc.)
  • Emergency Services
  • Escorting to Court
  • Restitution
  • Assisting with requests for compensation through the Alabama Crime Victim’s Compensation Commission
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Intimidation Protection
  • Assisting with Victim Impact Statements
  • Public Education, and more…